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No War, No Warming: A Just Transition to a Regenerative Economy
About this campaign

Allied with the Green New Deal, the People’s Bailout, the Feminist Green New Deal, the Rising Majority, and others, GGJ takes the lead within the FPI to challenge militarized climate responses. The government’s framing of climate change as a “national security threat” supports increased military and police investments while obscuring the U.S. military’s role as the world’s #1 largest polluter. Our calls for “No War, No Warming” are paired with a call for a “Just Transition to a Regenerative Economy” to divest from war and global warming and invest in building a more fair and sustainable society. GGJ works with grassroots, frontline membership to research and expose the impact of the military industrial complex on global climate, urge elected officials to sign onto our “No War, No Warming” pledge, and prepare for international climate change convenings such as the upcoming COP27 in Egypt in November 2022.

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